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The Materials and Make Ups of The Mattress

Advanced manufacturing techniques are used to produce the components that make up an adjustable bed mattress.  They are uniquely created for an adjustable bed and their assembly and parts are carefully put together after many tests assuring the consumer of long life and usability.

This is Adam from another website that sells a memory foam mattress pad; he gives a basic explanation on what a pad really is and what it does for you.

While any bed can use an adjustable mattress as its top the same cannot be said for any other mattress top fitting an adjustable bed.  This should be fairly obvious as an adjustable bed has many moving parts and actually contorts the bed to fit the need of the individual.  If you were to throw just any old mattress top on there you would force it to experience abnormal wear.  Typically the adjustable mattress pad is used interchangeable in place like hospitals and home care facilities.

The mattress is constructed with a glue heated to extreme temperatures in order to laminate the pieces together.  The reason there is so much precaution used for these mattress tops is because the mattress will be bent and shaped literally thousands of times over.  Materials in beds usually react well to a bounce type of pressure like the pressure placed on it by your body when you lay down.  But to ask the bed to fold and contort is too much strain for the typical bed.

The mattress in engineered from conception to handle this bending and shaping.  A flexing insulator and polypropylene net is secured on top of the spring units to separate them from the combined layers.  Another synthetic pad of fibers is placed over the top of the insulator after which many more layers of high density foam cushioning are added to the mattress.  Finally a pre-sewn mattress cover is placed over the foam made of either cotton or polyester.

The final product is a superior comfort fitting mattress that never needs to be flipped and have layer upon layer of foam allowing it to bend with breaking.  The benefits these mattresses provide are many but here are just a few in case you care wondering whether a mattress like this is for you.

1. Promotes Cycles in which sleep can occur more normally,

2. Reduces skin temperature as a result of the heat absorbing foam,

3. Provides ample spinal column support,

4. Hospital Tested to make certain the effects are beneficial,

5. Recommended by chiropractors for proper back support.

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