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Helping you build your dream swimming pool

Swimming pools, or best above ground swimming pools, are one of the best things that make summer really special. However, home swimming pools can be enjoyed all year-round which is why lots of families would really love to have one installed in their own home.

If you’re one of those homeowners who are seriously considering this project, you might find it quite challenging to start. Aside from coming up with a budget to make things happen, you need appropriate knowledge as well. Would you know which part of your property it will be best to install a pool? Do you have any idea what other designs or structures would complement your pool? A swimming pool consultant should be able to tell you exactly what it takes to come up with the pool of your dreams.

There are different types and sizes of pool; and your choice would have to depend a lot on the space where you want to have the pool installed. A professional consultant should be able to tell you what other factors would have to be considered and should be able to answer whatever concerns you have before you actually embark on your project.

Aside from the design and overall appearance of your pool, you also have to discuss with your swimming pool consultant other important aspects like proper supplies to use and maintenance requirements. You need to realize that once the swimming pool is installed, you have long-term requirements to fulfil in terms of cleaning and maintenance of the structure. Otherwise, you will not be able to maximize the benefits of your pool and your big investment could all come to waste.

As for the actual design of the pool, work out the finer details with your consultant. This is the stage where you will discuss what type and color of tiles to use, what shape is more appropriate given the space that you have, what outdoor furniture would go well near the pool, and what features would ensure safety and protection of the pool users. Professional pool consultants should be able to show you a portfolio of his previous projects. You can go through these pictures and get ideas that you want to implement on your own pool project.

One good thing about working with a consultant is that you can leverage on his experience and expertise. On top of these, you can expect that with years of experience in this field, the consultant would have important connections in the business so he can show where to buy quality and affordable materials. This is very important especially if you are working on a budget.

A swimming pool consultant can help you come up with a pool that fits your preference and within your budget. However, he will respect that your decision is what matters in the end. Your collaboration with a reputable consultant will ensure that the pool construction will head in the right directions and will produce the results that you expected. As there are lots of consultants in the market, exercise due prudence in selecting which one to work with.

Swimming Pool Inspections
Swimming Pool Inspections for House Buyers

We do specialist inspections of swimming pool installations, both indoor and outdoor for prospective “Home Buyers” for properties that have either a new or old swimming pool. These detailed reports explain:-

How the swimming pool works,
Observations on the condition of the equipment,
Observations on the condition of the pool structure,
Work needed on the installation and costs of these works,
Improvements that can be made to the systems and the likely cost  savings from there implementation, and
Likely yearly running costs.